Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Arrival Day

We decided to go to the Lakeland South district meeting this morning.  The missionaries in the Lakeland Zone don't have many visitors at their district meetings.  Since we stayed in Tampa overnight, it wasn't as far for us to drive as it would have been from Sarasota.

This is a small district.  They also don't have a district leader, so the zone leaders function as the district leader.  We were more involved in the discussions.  I don't know whether that was because we thought they needed more help or we were just more talkative.  Again the focus of the meeting was on teaching the restoration lesson in 4 minutes and finding answers using the Book of Mormon.

I discovered that the paperback Books of Mormon that the missionaries distribute have an index at the back but not the topical guide.  I discovered that when during a role play, I suggested using the topical guide to find Book of Mormon passages.  Oops, no topical guide.  But the missionary who was role playing the member said he had the Gospel Library app, so we went to the topical guide there.

We returned to the Mission Home in time to greet the 6 arriving missionaries -- 4 Sisters and 2 Elders.  They seem like a good group.

The Lakeland South District
Front row:  Elders Goodrich, Terry, Malcolm
Back row:  Elders Reynolds, Settle, Davis, Sisters Coon, Conrad, Yellow

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