Monday, October 12, 2015

Departure Day

We drove to the mission home to have dinner with the departing missionaries.  Transfers occur every six weeks, but it seems like such a short time ago that a group of missionaries departed.  This time only three are returning home, Elder Curtis and Sister Schaumkel and Vanderhoff.  But these are three good missionaries. We have been able to work with all of them.  All of them have taught investigators whom I interviewed or whose baptisms we were able to attend, and all of them are becoming strong members of the Church

Renee has developed an especially good relationship with Sis. Schaumkel.  For whatever reason, the two of them clicked.  (Renee:  It's the Polynesian connection and we both grew up in Hawthorne, CA.  Who would have thought....)  She has not received a lot of support from home, so Renee told her she would email her each Monday until she returned home.  That way she would get some mail!

These departures are part sad because they are good missionaries but also part excitement to see how they put their missionary training to work in their "non-missionary" lives.

Renee and Sister Schaumkel

Renee, Sister Vanderhoff, Sister Cusick, and Sister Schaumkel

Elder Curtis and me

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