Sunday, October 11, 2015

Very Long Day

We left about 8:30 am for the 90+ minute drive to Sebring.  We met with the Lake Place Branch which meets in the church building in Sebring.  Before attending any meetings, we inspected the apartments of the two sets of Sister Missionaries in Sebring.  Both were a bit cluttered which is somewhat understandable because one sister in each companionship is being transferred on Wednesday.

We then attended the branch council and the regular block of meetings.  President Swift, when I emailed him that we would be attending the branch, asked if we would speak in Sacrament Meeting.  Although the assigned topic was "Becoming Christlike," not surprisingly we both put a missionary slant to our talks.

We then drove back to Bradenton where I had a special considerations interview.  It was a good interview.  The brother I was interviewing had questions about the priesthood and its organization.  So we probably spent more time talking about that than the interview questions.

We then drove back to our apartment, arriving about 8:40, just in time for me to make my weekly phone call to my father.

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