Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Successful Day

Today was a good day.  We were able to participate in a district meeting, and our car kept running.

We drove to St. Petersburg to participate in the district meeting.  The topics for the meeting were to review the lessons from the last month.  They had role play exercises in introducing the Book of Mormon, teaching the restoration in 4 minutes, and finding answers to questions using the Book of Mormon.  They were going to role play teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 4 minutes, but they didn't have enough time.  So they just had Elders Brossa and Robertson demonstrate it.  They did an excellent job, and they didn't have any warning or special preparation. The lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ covers the first four principles and ordinances of the gospel plus enduring to the end.

Following the meeting, we took two Elders to buy brake pads for a bicycle.  Then we went to lunch with Elder and Sister Smith, a senior missionary couple who work in the district.  They suggested that we go to a Cuban restaurant.  Of course, I'm not exactly a food connoisseur, but I think that I enjoyed my Cuban sandwich more that Renee did.

Driving back to Sarasota was stressful, at least for me.  The wind was really blowing, and there were high wind cautions issued for the Skyway Bridge.  Fortunately, there was a car going slowly over the bridge, so I just followed that car.  We obviously made it safely.  And our car kept going.

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