Tuesday, October 20, 2015

District Meeting in Bradenton

We participated in the Sarasota North District meeting today.  This is the largest district in the mission with 20 missionaries.  It has as many missionaries as the Lakeland Zone.  And since it meets in the Bradenton building, it is also the closest district meeting to our apartment which is nice.  As we have been doing for the past few district meetings, we took some Halloween candy for the missionaries.  They get quickly excited about that.  Maybe they can't afford to buy any candy for themselves, which is not a bad thing.

In the afternoon, we worked on a project for President Cusick.  The Church is starting a new service initiative, Just Serve.  It is being slowly rolled out across the North American units.  We are supposed to start the program next month.  The concept is a website where service opportunities will be posted.  Then Church members, including missionaries, can go to the website and find these service opportunities.  The St. Petersburg Stake has sort of jumped the gun and is already training members on the program.  As a result, the missionaries are asking if they should be involved.  President Cusick asked us to look at the website to see what has been posted for our mission areas.  I searched for each of the cities in our mission where we have missionaries and didn't find much posted.  There are more service opportunities listed in the St. Petersburg Stake cities but still not a lot.  And particular not much that would be appropriate for missionaries.  So my recommendation was to not accelerate the implementation for our missionaries.

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