Saturday, January 16, 2016

Baptism Day

We drove to the Riverview Ward for a baptismal service for the sister and two sons whom I interviewed earlier in the week.  It was a nice service.  Because all of the stakes will participate in a special regional conference broadcast tomorrow, the decision was made to do the confirmations in the same service.  Elders Knowlton and Durrant who have been teaching the family performed the baptisms and confirmations.

We then returned to Bradenton for another baptismal service.  We discovered there were actually two services scheduled at the same time in the building.  The Bradenton Elders and Palmetto Elders both had investigators to be baptized.  For us it was a dilemma because we wanted to attend both services, but we couldn't be in two places at the same time.  We decided to attend the Palmetto service because we knew both of the people being baptized; the husband and daughter of a sister who was baptized three weeks ago.  The brother had not been interested in the church but allowed his wife and daughter to be taught.  He came to his wife's baptism and I could see that he listened intently.  Following her baptism he started participating in the lessons.  The 12 year old daughter was the one who was first interested in the Church.  She read the Book of Mormon in four days.  The wife and mother gave the talk on baptism for the service.  He invited his best friend and family and his sister to attend the baptism.  Perhaps there will be more baptisms in the family.

In the other service, the talk on baptism was given by a sister who was baptized a little over a month ago.  And I understand that she has been fellowshipping the sister who was baptized.

It is great seeing these new members becoming immediately involved with assignments in the Church.

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