Sunday, January 3, 2016

University Park Ward

We attended the University Park Ward again today.  President Cusick asked us to attend just this ward for the next few weeks.  There have been some conflicts between the missionaries and the ward council members.  I think this is mostly due to a lack of effective communication.  Everyone wants the same goals, to teach the gospel to others.

Yesterday two Sisters transferred to University Park Ward from Lake Placid.  So we now have 7 missionaries in the ward -- the three Elders, two Sisters, and us.  We overwhelmed the rest of the ward council when we met this morning.  However, everything seemed fine.  The Elders apologized for any problems they may have created, and the ward members seemed ready to move on.  Hopefully everyone will learn and move on.

In the testimony meeting, the five full-time missionaries and Renee bore testimonies.  I guess it was a missionary dominated meeting.

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