Monday, January 4, 2016

P-Day and Departing Missionaries

Most mornings, I jog for exercise.  The weather has finally started to cool off a bit with the temperature dropping into the low 50s overnight.  That makes for brisk jogging.  At least according to my GPS device, I am jogging at a faster pace, which is good.

We started the day with our usual Monday morning activities, cleaning the apartment.  I am surprised at how much dust I vacuum up each Monday.  Our carpet doesn't seem dirty, but I guess there is more dust in the air than I think there is.

In the afternoon we drove to the Mission Home to meet with the departing missionaries -- 8 Sisters and 1 Elder.  There were actually 10 Sisters scheduled to depart, but two returned home last month because of health challenges.  This is a good group of missionaries.  We know all of them and have had close relationships with several of them.  It is hard to see them leave, but we know it is time for the next season in their lives.

Pres. and Sister Cusick and the departing missionaries in the Mission Home.
1st row:  Sisters Reed, Yellow, Day, Tawzer, Baugh, Paulsen
2nd row:  President and Sister Cusick, Elder Marsden, Sisters Foderaro, Coleman

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