Monday, January 25, 2016


It was quite cold this morning.  OK, since it is Florida, it was only chilly.  When I went out to jog for my exercise, it was 38 degrees.  I wore my jogging gloves and jacket and was quite comfortable.  I even ran at a faster pace than usual.

After completing our cleaning in the morning, we drove to a couple of birding spots in the afternoon.  I have been to both of these before, the Celery Fields and the Venice Rookery.  There weren't many birds at the Celery Fields.  This is the nesting season for birds at the Venice Rookery and there were many birds there.  The Rookery is a small island in the middle of a small lake.  It was interesting watching the birds fly to pick up twigs in their beaks and return and put them on their nest.  The birds were not bothered by all of the people watching them.  One great egret walked, sauntered, right by me.

Wood Stork at the Celery Fields

Great Egret at the Venice Rookery

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