Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Zone Conference and Church Worldwide Missionary Broadcast

The church had scheduled a worldwide broadcast for all missionaries today.  President Cusick received permission to have all of our missionaries gather together at the Brandon Stake Center to watch the broadcast.  He took the opportunity to provide some instruction to the missionaries including introducing the new standards for excellence.  He emphasized the purpose of the standards, as noted in Preach My Gospel, is to raise the missionaries' vision and increase their faith.  The new standards are 60 lessons per week, 21 new investigators each week, 12 dates set at all times, 20 referrals a week, 6 investigators in Sacrament Meeting, and 2 baptisms each month.  He noted that it was not likely that each missionary would regularly meet all of the standards each week.  He read a letter from a missionary who taught 250 lessons last week, so the missionaries know the teaching standard is reachable.

The Worldwide Missionary Broadcast was excellent.  The program emphasized that the missionaries' task is to teach repentance and baptize converts.  The speakers/presenters were Elder Oaks, who now chairs the missionary committee, Elder Bednar, Elder Anderson, Elder Clayton, Elder Nielson, Sis. Oscarson, and Bp. Waddell.  Hopefully it will motivate the missionaries to work harder, and perhaps more importantly to allow the Holy Ghost to direct their work.

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