Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Car Is Finally Fixed

The biggest accomplishment for today was getting the rearview mirror in my car repaired.  I have been driving without a rearview mirror for about a month.  I felt like I was driving half blind.  The correct part finally arrived at the dealership, and it probably only took them 10 minutes to reinstall the mirror.

I also met Bishop Leedom to have him sign the Baptism and Confirmation Record for Bro. Bischoff.  The submission of this record is what triggers the creation of a Church Membership Record.  We need to get a membership record number for Bro. Bischoff so that he can create an account on Family Search and begin researching his ancestry.  The ward will have a temple excursion next month, and hopefully he will be able to go and do baptisms for some of his deceased family members.

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