Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Missionary Training

President Cusick met with the newly arrived missionaries and their trainers this morning.  Rather than wait until later in the day, He announced the companionships right away and then had the companions sit together during the remainder of the day.

We had the usually administrative details to complete.  Renee was involved with the medical interviews because Sis. Alexander is with a daughter-in-law who just had a baby.  We continue to be amazed at the number of missionaries with health challenges. 

I think the new transfer process was OK.  It isn't as efficient as the old process with the transfer meeting.  But it complies with the directives from the missionary department.  It better work well because we may be receiving 30 new missionaries at our next transfer in 6 weeks.

After returning to Sarasota, we helped the Sisters who have been assigned to the Cortez Branch move from their apartment in the Beneva Branch.  They needed to move a bed and had arranged for a brother from the branch with a truck to help.  Unfortunately it was raining a bit, so they had to move in the drizzle.  Hopefully the bed didn't get too wet.

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