Sunday, January 10, 2016

University Park Ward and Baptism in Brandon Ward

We attended the University Park Ward again today.  We will be attending here for the next couple of weeks to hopefully help avoid any more issues between the members and the missionaries.  In some ways the missionaries are pushing the members to go faster in missionary work than the members are willing to go. 

The Elders had an investigating couple attend all of the meetings today.  They just met the couple this week but they seem to be progressing rapidly.  The challenge is the couple is homeless, so they have a number of challenges in their lives.  The gospel can help them if they are willing to accept it.

In the afternoon, we drove for a baptismal service in the Brandon Ward chapel, the same building where we were last night.  Again, the baptism was for a sister whom I had interviewed.  In addition, three of her children were baptized.  The baptisms were performed by the bishop and another brother from the ward.  There was a large group from the ward who attended, so hopefully this family will be well fellowshipped.

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