Sunday, January 24, 2016

University Park Ward

We attended the University Park Ward again today.  I think we will attend there for the next couple of weeks and then start our rotation again.  Since we started focusing on University Park Ward, the Sarasota Stake has lost two units to the organization of a new stake in the Orlando Mission.  Sebring Ward and Lake Placid Branch were moved into the new Vero Beach Stake.  So we will not have the 90 minute drives to the middle of the state to visit those units.

Following the regular block of meetings, I had a special considerations interview.  As is always the case with these interviews, this is a person who is trying to make significant life changes.

After returning back to our apartment, we received a call from Pres. Cusick.  He asked us to do some additional work on the JustServe service effort.  We scanned the lists again to see if there might be anything our missionaries could do and found a couple of potential projects.  I also prepared a list of general requirements for projects and more specific limitations for the types of projects for missionaries, such as no power tools.

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