Saturday, January 30, 2016

History Day

We continued to work on the mission history in the morning.  The Sarasota Sister Missionaries had asked us to meet them at the Sarasota building at 1 because they were meeting a male investigator there.  We drove to the building and had a nice visit with the Sisters but the investigator never came.  They tried texting and calling him but no response.  Unfortunately, that is not an uncommon experience for the missionaries with people just not doing what they agreed to do.

The rest of the day was a continuation of the mission history work.  Renee has completed a general outline of events for 2015.  She then prepared a more detailed draft January, and we emailed it to President Cusick for his review.  While waiting for his response, she received a copy of the Irvine California Mission history from our friends the Orgill's who are presiding over it.  Their history is much less detailed than what Renee has been preparing, so perhaps we need to modify our approach.

In the evening, we visited a less active family who live near us (2 miles).  We had a pleasant visit including with their 16 year old son who is not a member.

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