Friday, January 29, 2016

Busy But Not Very Productive

We started the day by driving to Port Charlotte to drop off a lease and check to the office of an apartment complex.  The plan has been to move another set of missionaries to Port Charlotte -- there were two sets there until recently.  However, President Cusick has been wondering whether that is the best place for another companionship or if they would be more productive elsewhere.  In the meantime, President Healey had agreed to a lease on another apartment.  So we are stuck with the lease if Pres. Cusick decides against assigning more missionaries to Port Charlotte.  At least we will have to pay for a couple of months rent before we can break the lease.

Since we were in Port Charlotte, we arranged to meet the Hardy's for lunch.  They are a senior couple assigned to the Port Charlotte Ward.  As most MLS assignments, they are seeking out inactive and lost members.  They report that they are having some success and are teaching a family who are progressing toward baptism.

We returned to Sarasota, and Renee continued working on the mission history.  She is sort of going blind on this though we do have some general instructions from the Church Historical Department.  While she was working on that, I slipped over to my neighborhood barber to have my hair cut.

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