Friday, April 15, 2016

A Long Dinner

We worked on some projects in our apartment through mid-afternoon.  I was working on the administrative details that need to be done in conjunction with the upcoming Saints Unified Voices firesides.  We hope these will be good missionary opportunities.

We then drove to Tampa to meet our long-time friends, the Parrino's, for dinner.  Jm teaches at the Univ. of Florida now, but is originally from Tampa.  They still have family in Tampa, so they are in town occasionally.  We met them for dinner at a nice restaurant in a section of Tampa called SoHo (South Howard).  Jim told us this section of town used to be rather run down.  Now it is the hot spot for restaurants and bars.  We then walked to another restaurant, Bern's, for dessert.  This is an interesting place where guests eat on the main floor and then go upstairs for dessert.  The decor is unusual with the interior divided into small rooms.  They also give tours of the kitchen and the very large wine cellar.

We ended up spending 5 hours visiting with them.  It was a very pleasant evening.

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