Saturday, April 23, 2016


Much of today was devoted to a baptism in the University Park Ward.  The Elders asked if we could drive them to the chapel for the baptism.  It is getting toward the end of the month, and they are running out of miles.  The missionaries are allocated a specific number of miles they can drive their cars each month.  They try to allocate the number of miles based on the area where the missionaries are located, but the missionaries never receive as many miles as they would like.

Since they needed to be at the chapel early to fill the font, we left earlier than we normally would.  And of course, we stayed later to help them clean up following the service.

They have been teaching the young man who was baptized for about a month.  He reminds them regularly that he had been praying for 3 years to find the truth and for direction in his life.  He is a very nice young man but very quiet.  Hopefully the ward members will reach out and fellowship him.

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