Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Apartment Inspections

We got up very early to teach seminary again.  Fortunately we had four students today, all girls.  Today's lesson was on Daniel.

We then drove to Hudson to do apartment inspections.  One the way, we stopped to pick up some books in St. Petersburg that a Sister had left in her old apartment.  We also stopped to do an inspection in Palm Harbor, but discovered when we arrived that no one was living there.  The Sister Missionaries who we thought were there were recently moved to another apartment.

In Hudson we inspected two apartments.  One has Elders living in it now.  Other than dirty dishes in the sink, it wasn't too bad.  The other apartment doesn't have anyone living there now but a senior missionary couple arriving next month will be assigned there.  The apartment will be serviceable for them, but it isn't as nice as the other senior missionaries' apartments.

We took the long way back and stopped at the mission office.  We dropped off the apartment keys for the apartments we had inspected and picked up more.  We have ten apartments that we need to inspect by the end of May.

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