Monday, April 25, 2016

Zone Activity Day

Rather than the usual district meetings on Tuesday, this week the missionaries were involved in zone activity day on Monday afternoon and evening.  So we had to hurry and complete our weekly cleaning and then headed to the Sarasota Zone activity taking the Elders from our complex with him.

Each zone was to plan activities for the missionaries.  For the Sarasota Zone, the missionaries played volleyball, then a basketball shooting game called knockout, and then some games in a circle.  One was a game I called chicken where they passed along chicken sounds between them.  The other, which they really enjoyed, was sending hand signals to each other while someone in the middle tried to catch someone in the midst of a signal.

They each had food assignments for the dinner.  Renee and Sister Hardy bought ice cream and toppings for sundaes.  They also bought paper plates and plastic spoons and forks because the Zone Leaders forgot to make that assignment.

The activity day ended with a training meeting on teaching.  All-in-all, the missionaries seemed to enjoy the activity.

The "Chicken" game

The signaling game with Elder Treanor as "It."

The Sarasota Zone, except for me taking the picture.

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