Sunday, April 10, 2016

Visit to Sarasota Ward

Today we visited the Sarasota Ward.  This is a strong ward, at least they have strong leadership.  We have four missionaries assigned to the ward.  I have been quite impressed by the bishop, Bp. Moll.  His wife grew up in the ward.  He has an internet business and could live anywhere.  She wanted to return to Sarasota where her parents lived, and they have remained here.

One of the interesting things they discussed at ward council is the creation of an online, shareable Google Docs spreadsheet which replicates the New and Returning Member Report.  This is a report that shows the status and progress of new and returning members.  The concept is to track the assignment of home and visiting teachers, callings, etc.  This is a great idea because it allows the ward council members to see how the members are doing.  The only disadvantage is the missionaries cannot access Google Docs from their iPads.  They have to use a computer to do it.  I mentioned this to Pres. Cusick, and he said they have been trying to get access to Google Docs for the missionaries.

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