Monday, April 11, 2016

Slow P-Day

We did our usual P-Day cleaning.  The only change is that Renee spot cleaned our carpet.  When we were done, I wanted to do something outside because it was a nice day.  So we drove to South Lido Park, a park on the south end of Lido Key.  This island is just offshore downtown Sarasota.  Lido Beach is one of the nice beaches that attracts a lot of locals.  We have been there several times.  The park is on the south end of the island.  We drove through the park, but this is the first time we got out and walked.  It isn't a spectacular park, so we did see one interesting bird, a Great Blue Heron.  It was standing between two fishermen, maybe hoping for a discarded fish.

Renee taking a picture of the Great Blue Heron in the background

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