Friday, April 22, 2016

Health Care Day

This was an unusual day.  We drove to Tampa this morning to take a Sister Missionary to a surgery facility to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy.  She has been having severe stomach pain when she eats anything and has been living on soup and jello for the past several weeks.  We were told to arrive at the surgery center at 10 and her procedures were scheduled for 11:30.  We waited for 3 hours until 1 pm until she was finally taken in for her procedures.

After all that, the doctor said that they didn't find anything.  She has a small twist in her colon, but she has probably had that all of her life.  So she still doesn't know what is causing the problems.  They took a few tissue samples for biopsy, but the doctor doesn't expect to find anything.  One thing they will check for is Crohn's disease.

We then met the Alexander's and a newly arrived senior missionary couple, the Duffin's, for dinner.  The Duffin's are from Spanish Fork, and he is a retired staff member at BYU.

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