Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bradenton Ward

We attended the Bradenton Ward today.  We have been rotating through the wards enough that we are beginning to develop some friendships.  There is a couple in the Bradenton Ward that we enjoy.  Sis. Brown is the Stake Relief Society President.  Her husband, Bro. Brown, is the HP Group Leader.  He is a retired high school teacher and assistant football coach, and many of the long-time ward members call him coach.

The ward has some challenges, as do all wards.  I commented to one of the Elders that the problems in the ward could be solved by the addition of 10 strong families with children.  This ward does have some strong youth which is lacking in several units in the stake.

Following the church meetings, we worked on preparing for the seminary class lessons for the coming week.  We will be substituting for the regular teachers, the Davis'.  Sister Davis graduated from the Marriott School a couple of years ago, and she remembered me from some meetings.

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