Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Special Considerations Interviews

I had two special considerations interviews today.  We scheduled them both on the same evening because the wards are fairly close to each other but a long drive away from us.  These interviews probably would have been conducted by Pres. Healey.  However, the Healey's returned home a couple of weeks ago.  Pres. Cusick has not called another counselor.  I think he probably won't call another counselor, so the incoming mission president will be able to call both counselors.  But in the meantime, I will probably be conducting more interviews.

The first interview was a bit challenging.  The investigator talked a lot and didn't always stay on topic.  I suspect it was a challenge for the missionaries in trying to teach lessons.  It has taken awhile to get through the lessons, and I can understand why.  The other investigator has been a voracious reader about the Church.  He has had a member fellowshipper who has given him a lot of Church materials to read.  The missionaries said that he had already read about most of the materials they were teaching in the lessons.

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