Monday, April 18, 2016

P-Day and Drive to Tampa

We did our normal P-Day cleaning.  I have a regular routine of dusting and vacuuming.  I am surprised at how much dust I vacuum from our carpets each week.  The air doesn't seem that dirty, so maybe we just track in a lot of dirt from the outside, though that seems unlikely.

We then packed up and drove to the mission office.  We wanted to get there in time to pick up the key to the van we will be using for the temple trip tomorrow.  I also wanted to make sure there is enough gas.  While there we visited with Elder and Sister Alexander.  They are the senior couple who have replaced the Healey's in the mission office.  Sister Alexander is also the mission nurse, so she will be especially busy.

We are staying overnight in Tampa so we won't have to arise so early tomorrow morning to leave for the temple.  We need to be at the mission office to depart at 5:45, so that is still plenty early.

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