Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Combo Day

We started the day by driving to the church building in Sarasota.  President Cusick was conducting interviews with missionaries, and he invited us to participate as a way to meet some of the missionaries.  The missionaries who were being interviewed were from the Sarasota Zone, which is one of the zones assigned to us.  We were there for about three hours participating in discussions with the missionaries while President Cusick conducted individual interviews.  The Assistants to the President, Elders Lloyd and Hawkes were providing training for the missionaries while they waiting to be interviewed, and we, along with Sister Cusick, participated in that.  Basically, they were responding to questions that the Elders had.  I was very impressed with how the AP handled the questions and used Preach My Gospel in responding.

We then revisited two of the apartment complexes that we are seriously considering.  Not surprisingly, they each have positives and negatives.  I'm hopeful that we have looked at enough to make a decision.  If not, I don't know where else we can look.

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