Friday, January 16, 2015


We found an apartment!! We had pretty much decided on an apartment but were still a bit unsettled.  So we decided to look at one more complex.  We were quite impressed with it.  We then drove to the previous frontrunner.  We decided that the other complex better meets our needs, so we returned and started the rental process.  Unfortunately, we won't be able to move into the apartment until February 7th.

It is a relief to have the apartment search completed.  After arriving in Tampa a week ago, we have driven 1000 miles looking at about 20 different apartment complexes.  It was a difficult task trying to remember the details of each complex.  Taking pictures as we looked at them was helpful.

We were in Sam's Club looking for a mattress cover, and a man approached us and introduced himself as Bro. McPherson, 2nd counselor in the Palmetto Ward.  That is one of the wards in the Sarasota Stake where we have been assigned.  We had a nice visit about the missionary activity in the ward.  Then latter we ate dinner at Taco Bell.  When the order taker asked for my name, he then said, "Oh, I will put Elder Wilson."  The power of the name tags!

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