Tuesday, January 27, 2015

District Meeting

All District Meetings are held on Tuesdays, and we are encouraged to participate in those meetings.  Today, we decided to travel to the district meeting in Port Charlotte.  This was the last district in the Sarasota Zone that we had not visited.  Port Charlotte is about 45 minutes drive and the southernmost unit in our mission.  We planned on arriving early so that we could stop in a store in Port Charlotte to look at some lamps.  Everything worked out well, and we arrived at 12:45 for our 1 pm meeting.

Unfortunately, no missionaries were there.  We waited until after 1 pm, and no one arrived.  This is quite unlike the missionaries who are usually early for meetings.  There were some Church facilities management staff working on the building.  We spoke with them, and they had not seen any missionaries.  So we decided that we had been misinformed about the meeting.

However, since the Church building in Venice was on our way back to Sarasota, we decided to check there.  Sure enough, the missionaries were meeting there.  So we were able to participate in the last half of the meeting.  This is an interesting district with more sister missionaries than Elders.  Two of the district members are returning home next week.

We are quite enjoying the district meetings.  The district leaders who conduct the meetings are not polished or professional.  However they are earnest and committed.  And when provided an opportunity, the other missionaries are willing to participate.  Each district meeting is supposed to include some teaching role-playing.  The missionaries seem to enjoy the role-playing, and I believe it is helpful for them.

The good news for today is that our apartment situation may be resolved.  At least it appears to be resolved, but we won't know for certain until tomorrow.

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