Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Is Game Day

In the mission, the expression "Sunday is game day" is regularly used.  Sunday's are busy days for the missionaries as they attend their meetings, coordinate with members, follow up with investigators who committed to attend Church meetings, etc.  Our Sunday wasn't that hectic, but we were busy.

We attended the meetings of the University Park Ward in Sarasota beginning with ward council.  I was quite impressed with how the meeting was very focused on individuals.  The missionaries and ward mission leader talked about the progressing investigators.  They have a baptism scheduled for the end of the month.  They also talked about less actives and the 15 names program.  The idea is for each organization in the ward to identify 3 individuals or families to approach about becoming more involved and perhaps having the missionaries teach them the lessons.  The discussion was really focused on individuals and Bishop Leedom seemed to know something about everyone.

We also met President Clover, the Sarasota Stake President.  He was visiting to set apart a new Elders Quorum President.  We visited a bit about the stake.  There are 13 units in the stake and two are a 2 hour (one way) drive from Sarasota.  I guess we will find out how far they are because we will be visiting them.

When we arrived at the chapel and greeted some missionaries, they greeted me as President.  President Cusick had sent out a letter telling them that I was to be the 1st Counselor in the Mission Presidency.  One of them asked if I needed to get new name tags with President Wilson, which I will be getting.

Following the block of meetings, we were asked to drive an investigator home.  He is 91 and a member of the RLDS Church.  He is an interesting person.  As we were driving him home, he told us that he has been married seven times.  He has some children but doesn't have much contact with them.

We concluded the day by returning to the Sarasota chapel to attend a choir rehearsal.  The Sarasota Stake is participating in (organizing) a multi-faith choir concert in mid-February.  It is an effort for community involvement.  Renee likes to sing in choirs, so we thought we would see what it was.  Of course, since I was there, I got to sing as well.  It will take quite a bit of time for the rehearsals, so we will need to check with Pres. Cusick to see if it is OK for us to participate.

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