Saturday, January 17, 2015

Moving Day

Our main activity for today was to pack up everything from our temporary home in the hotel to move to our next temporary home.  This apartment is in Sarasota where we will be living.  Since we will not be able to move into our apartment until February 7th, we will be living in an apartment that had been used by young missionaries.  The mission signs long-term leases on apartments for the missionaries.  However the number of missionaries in the mission fluctuates.  For example at the next transfer which is in the first week of February, we will have a net increase of ten missionaries.  So there often are a few extra, unused apartments.

Whereas the hotel room was cramped with all of our stuff, the one-bedroom missionary apartment is much more spacious. On the other hand, we had furniture in the hotel.  Here we have a bed, two chairs, a folding table to use as a desk, another another folding table for a dining table, and two folding chairs.  I guess the theory is not to make the missionary apartments so comfortable that the missionaries want to spend any time there.

Our other accomplishment of the day was to find the Sarasota Costco.  It is about 15 minutes from our apartment.  There isn't a Costco in Tampa, so the other senior missionaries are jealous.

Our Little "Home"

Our New "Empty" Home

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