Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sort of P-Day

Today was a funny day.  We were asked by one of the Elders in the mission office to check on two apartments.  The apartment leases are up for renewal, so they want to know if the apartments are in good shape and whether the lease should be renewed.  However, they didn't want us to let the Elders know that we were coming, so it would be sort of a surprise inspection.  But, we didn't have keys for the apartments, so we had to be there before 10 am when the missionaries are supposed to leave their apartments.

We found the apartments.  Both are in very nice apartment complexes in Bradenton, better than anything that we saw in Bradenton.  Both of the apartments seemed to be in good condition, except for a broken closet door in one of them.  We asked about it and were told that an Elder who previously resided there had decided that he wanted to sleep in a hammock.  He suspended the hammock from the closet door and another door, and the weight of the Elder in the hammock broke the closet door.  Renee thought that was crazy, and I said that she would likely see lots of crazy things done by the missionaries.

We then stopped by the apartment complex where we are hoping to live to pick up a needed form (W-9).  Our plan was to drive to the mission office and physically deliver it.  Unfortunately the business manager who has the form was not working, so we will try to pick up the form on Monday.

Since we had planned to drive to Tampa, we didn't have anything else planned for the day.  It was a sunny day, so we decided to drive to the beaches.  The two best known beaches in our area are Siesta Key and Lido.  Both have very fine, white sand.  Which do you like better?

Siesta Key Beach

Lido Beach

Needless to say, we were dressed differently from the other people at the beach.  While we were standing at Lido Beach, a young man came up to us.  He is originally from Sarasota and now lives in Lehi.  With his family, he is visiting his parents who still live here.  His father is the patriarch in the Sarasota Stake, so I am sure we will meet him.  He gave us a nice seashell that they had found on the beach.  Since I enjoy looking for seashells, now I have an excuse to go to the beach :-)

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