Sunday, February 1, 2015

Busy Sunday

Although not tiring, we had a long Sunday filled with meetings.  We started by attending the University Park Ward where I was able to participate in the confirming of the 91 year-old brother who was baptized on Thursday.

Then were raced back to our apartment to have lunch.  It was Fast Sunday, so we had been fasting.  After our quick lunch, we returned to the Sarasota building to meet with the Sarasota YSA branch.

The YSA branch was organized about a year ago.  There is not a university or other focal point that draws young singles to Sarasota.  So the branch draws from singles throughout the stake.  Sarasota was selected as the meeting place because it is the most central building.  Because of the large stake area, some of the units are over an hour drive away.  This makes it difficult for all of the YSAs in the stake to participate.  They have asked the other units in the stake to transfer the membership records of the YSAs in their units, and they have 250 members.  However, the average attendance is about 40.  There were 25 in their sacrament meeting on Sunday.  The branch president, who lives in Palmetto, about a 30 minute drive away, is very outgoing and dynamic realizes the challenges they face.  He told us that they have a good group of YSAs who come to the building on Monday evenings for FHE and also on Tuesdays for an Institute class.  We will try to attend those gatherings in the future.

As soon a the YSA branch meetings ended, we started the choir rehearsal.  Since the concert is in 2 weeks, the director had requested that we rehearse for 2 hours.  After that was concluded, we returned to our apartment, and I made my weekly call to my father.  We don't have TV, not a bad thing, so during our conversation, he gave me a play-by-play report of the last 2 minutes of the Super Bowl.

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