Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hair Cut Day

It has been two months since either of us had a haircut.  I think my hair is looking shaggy, though Renee thinks it looks fine.  I think hers is fine, but she doesn't.  She has been asking sister missionaries about hair stylists (they can't afford to go to any of them) and various Church members.  She finally did an internet search looking for recommendations.  Neither of us realized that Yelp, the restaurant review site, also has reviews on hair stylists among other things.  So she picked one and made an appointment for today.

I dropped her off at the hair stylist and then had lunch at McDonald's, my go to lunch spot.  It wasn't busy, so I sat there using their WiFi connection and reviewed some materials from the Church on missionary use of technology that Pres. Cusick had asked me to read.

When I picked up Renee, she was concerned.  Her hair had indeed been cut and restyled.  She said that she had explained that she wanted about an inch cut off and showed him some pictures of what she wanted the result to be.  The stylist seemed to understand, and Renee said that he said all of the right words.  And then he started cutting, and cutting, and cutting.  She says that her hair has not been this short since once when she was in high school.  I will try to post a picture if she will let me.

The Original Cut and Style
A Different Syling

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