Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Zone Training and Mission Presidency Meeting

We had a mission presidency meeting scheduled for today in Tampa, so we thought we would go early and participate in a district meeting in the same building.  So I dressed for a typical district meeting -- white shirt, tie, and slacks.  However, it was a zone training meeting for all of the missionaries in the Brandon zone.  For zone training meetings, the missionaries all wear suits.  And, President Cusick and President Healey (and wives) also attended.  Talk about "which of these brethren is not like the others!"  At least we were on time!

Following the zone training, we participated in a mission presidency meeting with President Cusick, President and Sister Healey, and the Assistants to the President.  I felt like I really belonged because my new name tags with President Wilson have arrived.  We spoke about a range of issues including how to motivate wards and missionaries, how to accomplish the administrative assignments, and the use of technology.  I was given the assignment to review some new training and guidelines on using technology, especially iPad minis.  There are some real benefits for the missionaries in having the technology available but some real dangers for the missionaries as well.

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