Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Missionaries

We stayed in Tampa last night so we could help with some office tasks (the Healeys are swamped) and participate in the training of the new missionaries who arrived today.

The Healeys were in a meeting this morning, so I had my tires checked because the under inflated warning light had come on.  Good thing that I checked because there was a long nail in one of our tires. I'm glad we got that fixed given all of the driving we have been and will be doing.  Was this just fortunate or a response to a prompting to go to the tire store?

We then checked on another unused apartment and made arrangements to terminate the lease.  Since we are ending the lease early, the Church will have to pay rent for two more months.

I then started a project in the mission office working on obtaining backup keys for all of the apartments before driving to the mission home for dinner with the 13 new missionaries.  Now we are no longer the newest missionaries in the mission.  They started their day at 2:30 am, so they were a bit tired.  One of the new missionaries is from Mexico (his English is excellent).  His mother called President Cusick because she was worried about him. Fortunately, one of the sister missionaries helping to prepare the dinner is Spanish speaking and could reassure the mother that all is well with her son.

Sister Cusick (center) and the newly arrived missionaries

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