Tuesday, February 17, 2015

District Meetings

Today we attended district meetings in the St. Petersburg Zone.  In keeping with our past tradition, I drove to the wrong building for the first district meeting.  So after calling the zone leaders, we were directed to the correct building.  We arrived 30 minutes late but were in time for the instruction by the zone leaders.

Elder and Sister Smith, another senior missionary couple, were also in attendance.  Their assignment is quite different from ours.  They are assigned to a small branch in the St. Petersburg Stake and are spending a lot of time trying to locate inactive members.  The challenge for them is after they locate members, the branch members are not good at working to fellowship them.

In the afternoon, we attended the district meeting of the other district in the St. Petersburg Zone.  Fortunately, we made it to the correct building on the first try.

The training in both meetings was on using the Church's pamphlets.  They can be used in finding, teaching, and working with members.  The zone leaders taught a lesson on using them and had the missionaries role play.  The district leaders taught a some lesson at the end of the meetings - one on having faith and one on not wasting our time.  Again, we enjoyed meeting with the missionaries and are impressed at how effective they are in teaching.

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