Monday, February 23, 2015


Our first activity on our P-Day was to visit a nearby county park.  It is nicely maintained with paths through the trees and alongside a lake.  But it wasn't very exciting, and probably isn't a "do again."

We then finished (hopefully) the last of our apartment shopping by purchasing some furniture for our lanai (deck).  The weather has suddenly changed from freeze warnings to 80 degrees.  So we thought that we might be able to sit on the lanai in the mornings during our study time.  That will probably work for about a month, and then it will be too hot to go outside.

We ended the day by driving to another county park.  But this one is renown for its bird population.  Over 300 species have been identified there.  We were there mid-afternoon which is not a good time for bird viewing, or my objective of bird photographing.  However, I wanted to find out where it is and get a general perspective of the layout.  It is a very large, open area with several ponds and marshes.  I will be going back either early in the morning or late in the afternoon to try some photography.

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