Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Traumatic Day (for Renee)

We started the day doing some shopping for miscellaneous items for our apartment, such as towels.  We also went to our old apartment to clean it.  We don't know who or when it will be used next, but it is a nice apartment in a good location relative to the Sarasota building.

Renee had written some Valentine's Day cards for our grandchildren and the children who were in her Primary class at home.  She was anxious for them to be mailed so they would arrive by Valentine's Day.  I went to a mailbox, but it was past the pickup time.  It listed a later pickup at a post office and gave the post office address.  So I left Renee at a store and started the drive to the post office.  After programming the address into the Garmin GPS, I realized it would take an hour to drive to the post office and back.  So I called Renee to tell her how long I would be, but she had left her cell phone in the car.  Knowing that she wanted to have the cards mailed, I just continued on my way.  Since it was rush hour and the traveling was all on city streets, it took longer than the hour I had expected.

When I returned, Renee was distraught.  She couldn't understand why I was gone so long.  She borrowed a cell phone to call me, but she couldn't remember my cell phone number.  She called her cell phone, knowing that it was in the car.  I had heard her phone ring, but since I was driving, I didn't want to search around the car to find it.  She imagined that I had been in an accident or something.

Fortunately, all's well that ends well, and I did return safely.  And the Valentine's Day cards were mailed successfully.

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