Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday with the Sarasota Ward

Continuing our trip through the Sarasota Stake, today we visited the Sarasota Ward.  We are enjoying having the opportunity to visit the wards and branches in the stake.  When we first meet members, they seem excited and ask if we have been assigned to their ward.  We tell them that we have been assigned to the stake and are visiting all of the wards, and they seem a bit disappointed.  I hope that is because in the past, senior missionaries have been assigned to their ward, and they had a positive experience.

After the block of meetings ended at 4, we rushed back to our apartment.  We now live about twice as far from the Sarasota chapel, so our driving time has lengthened.  We ate a quick lunch/dinner and then returned to the chapel for the choir rehearsal.  The performance is next Sunday, so we are about as rehearsed as we are going to be.

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