Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another Training Day

Today we arose early to drive to the Brandon Stake Center -- again about an hour drive.  The purpose was to attend a training meeting on Public Affairs in the region.  Renee has public affairs in the mission as one of her assignments.  Elder Zwick presided, and again it was an excellent meeting.  Elder Stephen Thompson, an Area Seventy for our area, also spoke.  He emphasized the need to publicize the name of the Church and to make sure we take direction from those who hold priesthood keys.  He noted that those who hold priesthood keys are entitled to revelation.

Elder Zwick said that what really matters is personal salvation.  What we are doing is helping to bring people to Christ.  Using the example of the Savior feeding five thousand, he said that we should evaluate our resources, give thanks for what we have, and then the Lord will provide what we may be lacking.

Bro. Hemingway, from the missionary department, was inviting to speak briefly about the technology missionaries will be and are using.  He had a very impactful slide showing the initial missionary work of the Church.  He highlighted how the Gospel was initially taught to friends, neighbors, and relatives.  What we would today term social networking.  And that is what the missionaries will be doing.  He asked us to mention the Church in our posts on Facebook and other social network sites.  That may lead to requests for additional information.

There followed a series of reports on how the Public Affairs effort should be organized and examples from each of the five stakes in our region (mission).

Elder Zwick concluded the meeting by talking about his father's conversion.  His mother is a descendant of Hyrum Smith.  He told about President Eyring's response to the Pope's question about why we are able to get things done.  President Eyring told him that was because of our faith in Jesus Christ that leads to action.

We hurried home following the 5 hour meeting (fortunately they provided lunch), so we could attend a baptism in the University Park Ward.  We had met the brother who was baptized a few weeks ago.  His wife is a member of the Church.  One can only imagine how happy she was when her husband was baptized.

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