Monday, January 26, 2015

P(urchasing) Day

Mondays are P-days in the mission, so I tried to move to the missionary schedule by doing some laundry.  We still aren't very good at arising at 6:30 am or companionship study.  Hopefully that will come once we get settled.

We did some purchasing today -- desk chair for Renee and towels and bedding.  My hope is that we will get our housing situation resolved soon, so we will know where we will be moving permanently and when.

We have driven past a Nature Preserve area, Red Bug Slough (sloo), on the way to the Sarasota building.  I assumed there might be some walking trails there.  So rather than spend our entire P-day in Home Goods, Target, and Wal-Mart, I suggested that we go for a walk there.  There were trails through some woods and alongside some ponds.  We saw a few birds and a lot of beware of alligator signs.  For me it was a pleasant change.

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