Thursday, January 8, 2015

We Have Arrived In Tampa

After 5 nights on the road and 2364 miles, we arrived this afternoon at the Mission Office in Tampa.  Thank goodness for our Garmin GPS navigator.  We stopped overnight in Monticello, UT; Santa Fe, NM, Wichita Falls, TX; Jackson, MS; and Lake City, FL.  The trip was generally uneventful except for the cold temperatures and an unplanned trip to an Urgent Care facility in Santa Fe.  (Renee was diagnosed with an upper respiratory tract infection and we purchased some medicine.  She is now fine.)

We met briefly with President Cusick.  He would like us to find an apartment in the Sarasota/Bradenton area.  However, first he has some projects in the mission office that he would like us to work on.  So we will be living in an extended stay hotel in Tampa for several days.  Since it may take us some time to find an apartment, he suggested that we start looking tomorrow and start on the projects on Monday.  We also have an assignment for which ward to attend this Sunday and some meetings for next week.

It is good to be here, and we are looking forward to beginning the work.

Do you think this will be sufficient for our needs?

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