Monday, January 19, 2015

Another Task Accomplished

Today was P-day, so I spent the morning catching up on email and paying some bills online.  I thought we could go to the grocery store in the afternoon.  However, Renee spent the morning researching furniture.  Since our apartment is unfurnished, we need to purchase some furniture for it. We will be reimbursed out of the mission budget, and the furniture will be used for senior missionaries after we leave.  Looking for furniture has been a challenge because Pres. Cusick didn't give us a budget.  Rather he just said to spend what is needed for us to be comfortable.

After talking with Sister Cusick, Renee had a better sense for what would be reasonable, so she suggested that we go to some furniture stores.  After spending the afternoon looking, we made some purchases this evening.  We don't have everything we need, but we have enough for when we move into our new apartment.  It cost more than I would have spent.  But since I am comfortable with beanbag chairs, my spending level is not a good standard.

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