Monday, March 30, 2015

A Normal P-Day

Today we had a normal preparation day.  I waiting until the sun came up before I went jogging (it was 45 degrees out when I got up).  After returning, I dusted and vacuumed while Renee did some laundry and went to the fitness center.  We then ran some errands.  Later in the afternoon, we drove to the "celery fields" to take some bird pictures.  This is a wetlands area which was drained and used to raise celery for many years.  Twenty years ago, the county purchased the land and restored it as wetlands to use in storm water collection.  The birds have discovered it, and it is a well-known site for bird watching and bird photography.  I only had a little time, but I was able to get a few pictures.  As you can see from the following pictures, my bird photography techniques need improvement and practice.  I'm not sure how much time I will have to try to improve.

The names of the birds are courtesy of my newly purchased Florida Birds Pocket Guide.

Black-necked Stilt with a Lesser Yellowlegs in the background.

Sandhill Crane - Three of these flew right near me.  They are big birds!

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