Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Proselyting and Projects Day

The sister missionaries who live near us texted Renee this morning and asked if she could go with them to teach a lesson in the afternoon.  They were meeting with two returning-to-activity sisters and thought that Renee might be able to help teach them.  Renee is closer to their age.  So this was her first real teaching opportunity, and she enjoyed it.  After the lesson, they attempted to visit an investigator, but unfortunately she wasn't home.  They then did some street contacting which Renee did not enjoy as much.  But who does enjoy that :-)

While Renee was out with the sister missionaries, I was at home working on a project assigned to my by Pres. Cusick.  The Church has developed an Easter video, Because He Lives, and a website,  They will go "live" on March 27th.  We would like to have the missionaries use this initiative in their teaching and finding efforts.  My assignment is to help prepare the missionaries for these efforts and then to help in the follow up on the initiative.  Using materials that have been sent to Pres. Cusick, I prepared a timeline of dates for aspects of the initiative and a list of possible ways the missionaries could use the video.  This list has now been sent to the missionaries.  Hopefully they will make good use of these new resources the Church is providing.

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