Thursday, March 19, 2015

Transfer Day

Transfer days seem to be hectic.  At least the two we have seen so far have been hectic.  We received a text from one of the nearby sister missionaries asking if we could drive her to the mission office.  Her companion returned home on Monday, so she has been staying with the other two sister missionaries in our area.  They had received late word that both of them were to be transferred.  In missionary parlance, their apartment was being whitewashed.

So we drove to the sisters' apartment early this morning.  They had loaded all of their luggage, etc. into their car and strapped their bikes on the bike rack.  There was literally no room for the third sister, Sis. Baugh.  We picked up Sis. Baugh, and we "caravaned" to the mission office.  Sis. Baugh needed to be there early for a training meeting with President Cusick.  She will be training a newly arrived sister missionary.  They are in a Spanish-speaking area and branch.  We arranged for the new sister's bike to be transported to their apartment (I don't have a bike rack), loaded her luggage into our car, and drove back to Sarasota.

At the transfer meeting, President Cusick invited several missionaries to bear 45 second testimonies.  They were taught by Elder Zwick how to do this -- choose one principle, state the principle, bear testimony of it, and end.  The missionaries were good at doing this.  He then asked several of the senior sisters, including Renee, to bear their 45 second testimonies.  They were not as good as the young missionaries.  Most of them included at least two principles.

We thought that would be it for the day.  However, President Cusick has some M&M's that are to be delivered to all of the ward and branch councils as a follow-up to a talk he gave on M&M -- members and missionaries.  We have the M&M's for the Sarasota zone which are to be delivered to the councils on Sunday.  So I was contacting missionaries to make arrangements to deliver M&M's to them tomorrow.

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