Saturday, March 21, 2015

No Assignments Today

We didn't have any assignments, meetings, or appointments today, so we decided to go to the Sarasota Farmers' Market in downtown Sarasota.  It is a street market that is only open on Saturdays.  As it turned out, today there was also a crafts fair in the same general area, so we got two for one.  It was not and humid -- fortunately from my perspective -- so Renee was not interested in spending a lot of time there.  She found a necklace that she liked, but it was priced twice what she was willing to pay.

Since we were already south and near the coast, we drove to Siesta Key and Siesta Beach.  It was a good beach day, and the beach was packed.  The beach is about a quarter-mile deep, and it was filled with people.  I was not planning to stop which was good because all of the parking spots were filled.  I wanted to go to check on the construction of a new pavilion.  President Cusick has mentioned that we might reserved the pavilion for a mission meeting when it is completed.  It appeared to us that there is still much work to be done.

We then drove to the south end of Siesta Key to check on a pavilion at Turtle Beach.  That beach was not as crowded as Siesta.  But then the depth of the beach is much shorter and the sand quality is much the same as at any other beach, except Siesta.  So it is basically not as scenic.  There is a pavilion there which appears that it could accommodate about 80 people.

We have learned that if we go to the beach, it will be early in the day and not on a Saturday.

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