Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fun and Sad Day

David and his family stayed overnight in a hotel in Sarasota and met us at the Bradenton Ward for sacrament meeting.  We stayed at the ward for all three meetings, but they decided to go to the beach one more time.  And they were concerned that the kids would have been uncomfortable in a new Primary.  Since it was 80 degrees today, they had a very different experience than yesterday.

They returned to Siesta Key Beach which apparently was packed with people.  They had difficulty finding a parking spot.  Because the beach is white sand, they said it felt much warmer than 80 degrees.  So instead of digging in the sand as they did yesterday, they spent more time in the water.  So they had two different  but still fun for them experiences at the beach.

They returned to our apartment and cleaned up for the trip back to Minneapolis.  We had a brief Family Home Evening and Renee shared some of the experiences we have had as missionaries.

The sad part was when they left to drive back to Orlando.  We are always sad at the end of a visit with them.  However, this time we know that we will not see them again for 18 months.

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