Tuesday, March 31, 2015

District Meetings

We always plan on attending District Meetings on Tuesdays.  We follow a rotation through the three zones that we work with.  We had intended to visit two districts in the Sarasota Zone today.  However, last evening, we found out that those District Meetings had been rescheduled because the missionaries were to have interviews with President Cusick.  So we traveled to the St. Petersburg Zone instead.

Elder Stuart is the new District Leader of the South District in the St. Petersburg Zone.  He had the missionaries do a fun activity.  He and his companion had hidden 72 Easter eggs in various rooms in the building (not the chapel).  He sent the missionaries on an Easter egg hunt.  Most of the eggs had candy in them.  However, there were four special eggs with had the four main points of his lesson.  He had those who found those eggs read the notes which served as the introduction to the lesson.

The focus of the training in the District Meetings this week is on working with ward leaders.  They were trained on asking in ward council the four questions that Elder Zwick taught the ward councils in the special training meeting a few weeks ago.  1) What are the names of the investigators who will be in church meetings today.  2) What are the names of the investigators who have baptismal dates.  3) What are the names of the ward members who are fellowshipping those investigators.  4) What are the names of those whom you will have taught in your home this week.  The last question is the most challenging for the ward council members, and the missionaries will need to keep pushing it.

Elder Stuart's District on a sugar high from their Easter egg candy.

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